20th Jan 2023
Call for Libretto 2023

We are pleased to announce the Call for a Libretto, integrated into the Sounds of Change, a Creative Europe Project supported by the European Union

Europe, the peninsula of Asia that we have appropriated as a Continent based on outstanding values and ideas is distinguished by the creation of a European Union.

This Union was imagined as a community of values, enshrined in Article 2 of the Treaties of the European Union, which lists: Human dignity; Freedom; Democracy; the Rule of Law; Equality; Human Rights; Pluralism; Non-Discrimination; Tolerance; Justice; and Solidarity.

But is today’s Europe a desire more than a reality? After decades without an officially declared war, conflicts have returned to the Old Continent with unusual violence, and apparently, utopia has lost its place.

Which continent do we have and want? Does Europe represent a collective disappointment towards an outdated dream or a work in progress which is worth investing our efforts in?

This call aims to challenge all creatives who consider themselves available to construct a libretto and submit it to an international competition. The chosen Libretto should be convertible into an opera with the following requirements:


The show’s theme must be EUROPE – Dream or reality, and its content shall be a creative reflection on the Old Continent: which aspects of Europe are a reality and which are fiction? What makes Europe a collective reality or the desire of a minority?

The show must have six singers, the interpreters of intervening characters according to the operatic requirements: dramatic composition, consisting of music and singing accompanied by an orchestra, with arias and without choirs.

75 minutes

The candidates must write the librettos in English and their languages.

Scenographic suggestions and indications that make clear the type of expected investment.

Jorge Chaminé


A. The applications are open to all European writers or residents in Europe.

B. The participants must apply to the Call for Libretto using this link.

B. Deadline for the application: 31 March 2023.

C. The candidates must send the Libretto to the e-mail address

D. Along with the Librettos, the participants must send to the same e-mail address a photocopy of an identification document (ID or passport), a summarised curriculum, a photo and a brief text about their works.

E. The production team will guarantee that the author’s name is secret before sending the Libretto to the jury members. Therefore, the documents must not show any evidence that identifies their authors.


a) The jury decision is irrevocable and unappealable.

b) The application for the auditions is free.

c) To clarify doubts or omitted situations in this regulation, contact us through e-mail:


20 January 2023: Release and publication of the call;

31 March 2023: Deadline for the application;

17 April 2023: Announcement of the selected Libretto on the Sounds of Change website and social media


The winning librettist will receive a payment of €5.000.


The members of the jury are:

Aleksandar Stankov (Artistic Director of the Serbian National Theatre)

Benedict Klockner (Artistic Director of the International Music Festival Koblenz)

Jorge Chaminé (Baritone, Founder President of the Centre Européen de Musique)

Lolo Fernández (Stage Director, Clown/Actor at Cirque du Soleil, Musician and Conservatory Teacher)

Osvaldo Ferreira (Artistic Director and Chief Conductor of the Orquestra Filarmónica Portuguesa)

Živa Ploj Peršuh (Artistic Director of the Ljubljana International Orchestra, ART BSA and the platform European Career Centre for Artists Triple Bridge)

The jury may decide not to select any competing work.


Participation in this competition implies the acceptance of all the articles of these Regulations.

Omissions herein shall be resolved by the jury.