Consortium Partners

The cooperation between institutions, as exemplified in Sounds of Change, is often desired but seldom put into practice. Sounds of Change represents a unique and exemplary ethos of collaboration in the music sector. Music is the perfect medium to promote this kind of exchange and is therefore significant for change.

The consortium was formed to acquire transnational expression and combine the expertise of all partners, creating a network that shares its know-how and strives to achieve the best prerequisites for emerging artists in orchestral ambiance.

Culture Association – ART BSA (Be Successful Artist)

Coordinator of the annual orchestra academy programmes
Ljubljana, Slovenia


The primary objective of ART BSA, founded in 2006, is the co-creation of contemporary Slovenian and European culture. It aims to create platforms for developing cultural and artistic activities in the field of music education and musical creativity, facilitating and performing arts activities in the area of classical music. ART BSA is committed to promoting the creation and performance, mediation, and protection of musical and artistic values.

Since 2010, ART BSA has been constantly involved in cooperation projects of the Creative Europe program. In partnership with renowned institutions such as Národní divadlo Brno, Berkley Valencia Campus, L’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia Rome, The Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra, The Orchestre National de Lille, Barcelona Symphony Orchestra and National Orchestra of Catalonia, Aix-en-Provence Festival, Festival Ljubljana, St. John’s Smith Square London, and others, ART BSA has developed and established programs for capacity building and mobility of emerging artists.

The primary objective of ART BSA is to create opportunities for young music professionals to nurture and continuously develop their skills, guiding them to become successful artists in an artistic field where conservative tradition and the digital era clash.

In 2016, ART BSA established the European Career Centre for Artists — Triple Bridge for various capacity-building programs.

With the opportunity to enroll in their academy, attend masterclasses, rehearse, and perform on international stages, they encourage the exchange of experience between young artists and renowned top-class soloists, performing on stages of diversity; to discuss and improve social, political, and environmental issues.

All projects and programs have become successful in their own nature and individually represent all values of Art BSA:

1. Ljubljana International Orchestra, LIO

One of the most successful programs is the Ljubljana International Orchestra, a direct outcome of the International Orchestra Academy. The primary objective of ART BSA is to create opportunities for young music professionals to nurture and continuously develop their skills, guiding them to become successful artists in an artistic field where conservative tradition and the digital era clash.


2. Triple Bridge – European Career Centre for Artists

Triple Bridge – the European Career Centre for Artists, is a unique trademark that connects artists with the audience, tradition with the new digital age, entrepreneurship, culture, and, last but not least, the city of Ljubljana with the world. Like Ljubljana’s landmark “Tromostovje” (Triple Bridge), the career centre is indeed building bridges between different groups that are linked by common interests. We promote intercultural dialogue, international links, and closer cooperation with partners, partner cities, businesses, sponsors, art lovers, and the media, as well as providing young musicians with competence, courage, and self-confidence.


3. Music for the Future; A Social Project Charged with the Superpower of Music


4. Slovenian Youth Orchestra, SMO

International Music Festival Koblenz



In 2014, cellist Benedict Klöckner founded the International Music Festival Koblenz (IMUKO) in his hometown of Koblenz.

Influenced by numerous festival experiences, he felt the need to bring unique musical moments to the most beautiful places in the region around Koblenz, the Upper Middle Rhine Valley UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Outstanding and internationally successful musicians enjoy playing chamber music together at IMUKO; even top soloists sit at the second violin when needed.

Youth work is vital at the Koblenz International Music Festival. With its cooperation partners “Rhapsody in School” and TONALi TOUR, the festival brings inspiring musicians directly into schools to give children and young people the opportunity to experience music up close and personally and become creatively active.

Malu Dreyer, the Prime Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate, has described the festival as a “highlight of the cultural summer.”



IMUKO organizes around 20 concerts per year with orchestras, chamber music ensembles, soloists, and numerous social and educational activities. Musicians such as Vilde Frang, Benjamin Grosvenor, Timothy Ridout, and Anna Fedorova, and orchestras such as the Münchner Kammerorchester and Georgische Kammerorchester play concerts in the most beautiful castles, churches, and concert halls along the Rhine.




Noletia, SL is a cultural management company founded in 2001.

Initially, it developed services and projects in communication and technology for artistic purposes, such as the performing arts magazine LaTeatral, or creating media offices, websites, and apps for cultural projects.

In 2004, it started its first major cultural management event, the La Teatral Street Theatre Fair, in Espartinas (Seville, Spain). In these early years, Noletia specialized in street performing arts and organized other festivals and programs with street theatre, music, dance, and circus until the time when, particularly from the start of the Circada Festival in Seville (2008), it focused almost exclusively on contemporary circus. Since then, it has embarked on all sorts of projects in this field: organizing festivals, producing shows under the name Truca Circus, programming, designing training courses, international projects, consulting, co-productions, cabarets, on-demand shows, etc. Circada Festival is one of the leading circus festivals in Spain, with over sixty shows a year, co-productions, activities for professionals, and other projects.

Noletia, SL is an established name in contemporary Spanish circus and cultural management in Andalucía.

It has organized over thirty festivals and hundreds of smaller programs throughout southern Spain. Its shows, Ludo Circus Show and Sopla!, have visited more than 150 towns. It has participated in international projects, like the Big Bang Festival (advanced music for children, a European festival coordinated by the Zonzo Compagnie from Belgium) or Circo de Sur a Sur, a collaboration with the art laboratory La Grainerie de Toulouse.

Portuguese Philharmonic Orchestra



Founded in May 2016 by Osvaldo Ferreira and Augusto Trindade, the Portuguese Philharmonic Orchestra (“Orquestra Filarmónica Portuguesa” in Portuguese, also known as OFP) quickly captured the attention of the Portuguese musical and artistic milieu. It is widely recognized, by the public and critics, as one of the best Portuguese symphony orchestras. The high standards of quality and demand imprinted in its DNA led it to integrate a set of highly technical and artistic musicians, such as instrumentalists awarded in national and international competitions, former members of the European Union Youth Orchestra, and foreign musicians residing in Portugal.

The OFP produces symphonic concerts and operas. It promotes connections to other artistic genres in a constant search for the development of differentiating and unique events and shows, thus building the reputation of being an outstanding orchestra in the Portuguese music scene due to its versatility, eclecticism, and vision of the future.

It has been a regular presence in the main Portuguese concert halls and festivals, with the participation of prestigious international soloists such as Eldbjørg Hemsing, Kristina Miller, Mayuko Kamio, Miroslav Kultyshev, Pavel Gomziakov, Pavel Milyukov, Ray Chen, Sayaka Shoji, Soyoung Yoon, or Yang Liu. At the same time, the OFP has been giving an opportunity to talented Portuguese interpreters such as Ana Beatriz Ferreira, Carlos Ferreira, Cristiana Oliveira, Horácio Ferreira, João Bettencourt da Câmara, Luísa Tender, Marco Alves dos Santos, Raul da Costa, or Vasco Dantas.

The OFP is a project directed by Maestro Osvaldo Ferreira, one of Portugal’s most recognized and prolific conductors.

Serbian National Theatre



The Serbian National Theatre is one of the founders of the “Quartet” Association, comprising several European theatres.

In the area of international cooperation, apart from regular guest performances in the regional countries (ex-Yugoslav republics, Romania, Hungary, Slovak Republic, Austria), the Serbian National Theatre carries out joint projects within the European Theatre Convention (ETC – one of the most prominent European theatre associations, connecting more than forty theatres from around thirty European countries). One of the projects accomplished within the ETC was Orient Express – a travelling festival where along with SNT performed, theatres from Turkey, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, and Germany.

Being one of the most important institutions of culture in the country, the Serbian National Theatre initiated the establishment of other cultural institutions such as “Sterijino pozorje” in 1956, the Academy of Arts in 1970, and the Theatre Museum of Vojvodina in 1982.

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