Mission and Values

Sounds of Change aims to develop an integrated professional development process for emerging European musicians in orchestral ambience.

Sounds of Change aims to develop an integrated professional development process for emerging European musicians in orchestral ambiance. This initiative is supported by the rise of professional opportunities, enhanced career visibility, and transnational mobility. It is based on a multidisciplinary artistic process that utilizes key environmental and sustainability topics. The project partners and all participants will develop their understanding of the differences between European regions by learning about the multiple facets of European identity, active citizenship, and a sense of belonging to a large European community. The focus is on common goals and concerns.

The goals include:

  1. Valorize and Disseminate European Cultural Diversity: Achieve this through artistic music projects developed via co-creation and co-production among participants, guest artists, and partners. Other performing and visual artistic fields are also considered for performances.
  2. Promote an Artistic Capacity Building Programme: Focus on creative and technical skills for musical performance, stage design, and cross-disciplinary performing tools.
  3. Promote a Musical and Performative Capacity Building Programme: Support emerging artists, audiences, and local communities of hosting partners by disseminating and implementing the values of environmental sustainability.
  4. Create Opportunities for International Experiences: Provide opportunities for emerging musicians and artists from all over Europe.
  5. Support the Professional Career Development: Support the professional career development of all project participants.
  6. Develop Innovative and Contemporary Contexts: Create innovative and contemporary contexts for live orchestral performance, integrating technology, stage design, and additional performative levels of music.
  7. Increase Audience Engagement: Enhance the physical and digital development of cultural participation by increasing access to innovative artistic and cultural performances.
  8. Valorize the Connection with Abandoned Natural Spaces: Promote a new level of music performance through cross-linked action with landscape architecture and new technologies, such as light design and multimedia intervention. Encourage the connection of new ephemeral stages to abandoned places, supporting territorial cohesion.
  9. Promote Women’s Talents: Support the development of gender equality in the European music sector and enhance success in their professional music career through a transversal program.
  10. Contribute to Cultural Equality and European Integration: Present, implement, and represent European values.